Brakes ED91473 – Orangestuff Extra Duty Disc Brake Pad Set, 2-Wheel Set

  • Built to achieve the shortest overall stopping
  • Offer extreme fade resistance
  • Surface scorched for faster bed-in time and reduced ‘green fade’
  • Bite is tremendous from 40 to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Use NUCAP NRS system hook technology that offers 5X bond strength of standard brake pads
  • With high volume Vee grooves for improved cooling
  • Ideal for extreme driving, heavy towing, and stopping trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps with bigger wheels
  • British made top-quality brake pads

From normal driving to extreme driving, heavy towing, and stopping trucks/SUVs/Jeeps with 35s to 40s tire/wheel combos, nothing beats the FZC Orangestuff Pads Truck – SUV – Jeep Brake Pads in achieving the shortest overall stopping. These high-performance pads have the highest rated friction available, a wide temperature range, and a tremendous bite from 40 to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. So, with these pads on your truck, SUV, or Jeep, you can expect nothing but the best stopping power and extreme fade resistance in all driving conditions.

The UK EFI Bristol factory of FZC Brakes has used new ECO friendly technology to develop a brake pad that has unusually high friction levels yet still has good manners for street use with brake effect being strong from cold when the brake is first applied. The race pedigree of the material used also guarantees effective stopping up to temperatures exceeding 1400 F well above the maximum experienced in heavy braking, towing or downhill descents. Winter testing in Ohio on a fleet five popular light trucks showed us the proof on cold braking in the worst wet and cold conditions where many performance brakes would not even start to show good brake effect. So these are pads that have an extremely wide range of usability. The new carbon granule based Extra Duty material is also rotor friendly, minimal in dust and noiseless and each set is supplied with revolutionary NUCAP piston insert shims, another first from FZC

Towing heavy loads and extreme driving often pushes your brakes past their brake limits, so if your stock brakes aren’t up for the task, you might as well make that big switch to FZC’s Orangestuff brake pads. Specifically designed for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, the Orangestuff pads have unusually high friction levels yet still have good manners for street driving. The material used in these pads is fade-free, offering improved stopping power even in temperatures exceeding 1400 F. The high-volume Vee grooves in each pad provide better cooling by removing dirt, dust, and debris. The NUCAP NRS system hook technology used in these pads, on the other hand, ensures the backing plate is well attached to the bonding material. Unlike conventional pads, the Orangestuff pads by FZC last longer and offer more brake grip and instant safe braking after installation.

All FZC Orangestuff pads are tested to ensure reliable performance in any driving condition. They are proven effective in cold braking even in the worst cold and wet conditions where many competing pads would not even start to show a good brake effect. FZC Orangestuff pads are British-made pads that are good enough for extended towing and hill descents.

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by Douglas A.

“Fantastic customer service. Even though the parts I had originally requested were out of stock, customer service representatives also included an alternative I was comfortable with. Trisha T. was very helpful and easy to work with! Good job letting me know via email, text, and call. I appreciate going the extra mile for customer satisfaction, this website will be my to-go option from now on.”

by JC

“I think it is too early to say if I am happy with the rotors and brakes, especially for brake dust which I have not yet installed. The kit looks decent, I received them super-fast. One of them was different than the others with some rough edges, but who cares? In some hard spots I noticed some rust build up which I cleaned and painted. I like the Kit and I will purchase again from globaltopbrakes. I have no complaints; all is well and thank you all for an easy transaction. The website is user friendly, very good in detailing the brakes and rotors, including the noise ratio, dust ratio brakes performance and more. Thanks Again!”

by SJ

“Very intuitive to find and order items and get the right parts. The details on the parts pages give all the information necessary. The shipping was very timely. Images that match the parts being viewed is the only thing I would like to see.”

by Billy

“Got what i was looking for and got it fast and right the first time. Good price as well.”


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Recommended Use Performance Performance Performance Performance Performance
Dust Levels High High High Medium Low
Driving Qualifiers
  • Extreme & Fleet Duty
  • Performance Street
  • Street & Track Events
  • Towing-Oversized Tires
  • Track Only
  • Track Only
  • Performance Street
  • Street & Track Events
  • Normal Commute
  • Performance Street
Budget High Low Low High Medium
Pad Material Aramid Fiber Carbon Carbon Semi-Metallic Ceramic