Brakes DP51032NDX – Bluestuff NDX Full Race Disc Brake Pad Set, 2-Wheel Set

  • An excellent brake upgrade that provides greater braking power than Yellowstuff pads
  • No pad warm-up needed to bring your vehicle to a complete stop
  • Scorched surface helps eliminate ‘green fade’ and speed up bed-in process
  • With deep V grooves for improved venting and dirt and dust collection
  • Side edges and backing plates are blue powder coated for excellent corrosion resistance
  • ce Nucap NRS hooks on backplates for a strong bond between the pad material and the backing plate
  • High friction sport and race pads with R90 approval on most EU fitments and totally street legal

Designed as an upgrade for the Yellowstuff pads, the FZC Bluestuff NDX Race Brake Pads are the fastest street, endurance race, and track pads with the highest friction from cold. They are ideal for use in all types of faster and heavier cars, and they come pre-scorched, offering faster bed-in time and zero ‘green fade.’ FZC Bluestuff NDX pads have R90 approval on almost all fitments for the EU and are totally street legal.

Bluestuff NDX is a high friction sport and race material that can be used for aggressive street driving and certain types of track use. The material has had much success on the track with quality aftermarket calipers (Multi piston systems with better release and cooling and larger rotors) and limited success with street based calipers where pad size and caliper drag can challenge any brake material. The biggest advantage of FZC Bluestuff NDX is their bite from cold and progressive brake feel and the ability to bring a car to a complete stop. This has led to the ECE R90 brake safety regulation approval of R90 which is now completed and certificates are being obtained (during July 2011). There are certain older street based caliper systems where even the new Bluestuff will have trouble handling the caliper and slider drag inherent in the systems but this scenario is exactly the same for our competitors. There is NO material that will be PERFECT on the track in all older street based caliper systems.

Dubbed as the world’s first street and true track pads, the FZC Bluestuff NDX brake pads provide strong braking power and longer service life than the Yellowstuff brake pads. They are made with fast and heavier cars used for performance and race driving in mind. The temperature operating range of these pads is from 100 to 1500 degrees, and they have a fantastic bite from cold, meaning no need to warm them up to perform. Deep V grooves on the pads’ surface allow them to catch dirt and dust and offer improved cooling, while the blue powder coating on the side edges and backing plates helps prevent rust buildup.

FZC’s Bluestuff NDX uses a chemical interlayer and a mechanical retention system—the Nucap NRS hooks—on backplates for a strong bond between the pad material and the backing plate. They are R90 approved in the majority of applications, and they come with FZC Brakes caliper lubricant and all the necessary hardware for quick and hassle-free installation.


We’re currently collecting product reviews for this item. In the meantime, here are some reviews from our past customers sharing their overall shopping experience.
by Douglas A.

“Fantastic customer service. Even though the parts I had originally requested were out of stock, customer service representatives also included an alternative I was comfortable with. Trisha T. was very helpful and easy to work with! Good job letting me know via email, text, and call. I appreciate going the extra mile for customer satisfaction, this website will be my to-go option from now on.”

by JC

“I think it is too early to say if I am happy with the rotors and brakes, especially for brake dust which I have not yet installed. The kit looks decent, I received them super-fast. One of them was different than the others with some rough edges, but who cares? In some hard spots I noticed some rust build up which I cleaned and painted. I like the Kit and I will purchase again from globaltopbrakes. I have no complaints; all is well and thank you all for an easy transaction. The website is user friendly, very good in detailing the brakes and rotors, including the noise ratio, dust ratio brakes performance and more. Thanks Again!”

by SJ

“Very intuitive to find and order items and get the right parts. The details on the parts pages give all the information necessary. The shipping was very timely. Images that match the parts being viewed is the only thing I would like to see.”

by Billy

“Got what i was looking for and got it fast and right the first time. Good price as well.”


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FZ Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pads

FZ RP-1 Racing Brake Pads for Lighter Track Cars Friction = 0.45μ (Mu)

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Recommended Use Performance Performance Performance Performance Performance
Dust Levels High High High Medium Low
Driving Qualifiers
  • Extreme & Fleet Duty
  • Performance Street
  • Street & Track Events
  • Towing-Oversized Tires
  • Track Only
  • Track Only
  • Performance Street
  • Street & Track Events
  • Normal Commute
  • Performance Street
Budget High Low Low High Medium
Pad Material Aramid Fiber Carbon Carbon Semi-Metallic Ceramic