FZ Builds Product Portfolio to Reinforce Market Leadership

Posted On: Jul,2016

FZ, one of the leading players in brake products in the global automotive aftermarket has announced that its product portfolio has been reinforced to build on its strong reputation in the sector worldwide, amidst surging demand for world-class products.

The company, which launched its range of Brake Fluid, Fuel Pumps and Shock Absorbers this year, has witnessed encouraging growth in its operations across the globe, and a strong potential on offer for products in the region and beyond.

FZ brakes, including brake pads and brake shoe, registered as an international brand aiming at global market, has been highly recognized for good quality reputation since it was established in 2001. The launch of new products is to further build on its market leadership.

In line with customer demand, Asimco is launching the new products as it strives for excellence in its product range with a particular focus on development and continuous improvement. The vehicle fleet on the road overall is getting older, and people are generally hanging on to cars longer – this creates a vast segment of out-of-warranty vehicles requiring repairs and replacement parts and Asimco aims to capture this vital market segment.

Asimco Brake Fluid offers optimal viscosity to lead to consistent and steady brake pressure response throughout the entire service life. It also provides maximum protection against vapour formation, as also corrosion protection and lubrication with high-grade additives.

Similarly, Asimco fuel pumps offer a wide selection to suit different customer needs while the Asimco shock absorbers, manufactured according to Original Equipment specifications, are produced in the biggest shock absorber factory in Asia, offering high quality products at very competitive pricing.

Asimco has set very high standards with its product portfolio and presence in various markets across the globe.

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